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Documents and Reports contains documents catalogued according to the below attributes. The advanced search makes use of the these attributes. 

Countries & Regions
The country/region drop down on the advanced search page lists first all the World Bank's administrative regions (as distinct from geographical areas). Underneath the regions' list is a list of countries and areas. Areas can include geographical entities broader than a country, for example, the Aral Sea (a country group), or East Asia & the Pacific (country group). These areas indicate that the content of the document has a geographical scope larger than one country. So, if you wanted to see all agriculture documents related to all the countries in the East Asia & the Pacific Region - you would choose Sector = Agriculture, Country/Region = East Asia & Pacific (Region). If you wanted to see all agriculture documents whose geographical scope was East Asia & the Pacific, you would choose Sector = Agriculture, Country/Region = East Asia & Pacific (Country Group).

All Bank documents are classified by sector(s).

Document Type
This field contains a listing of the various document types made available by the World Bank. Document types are very fluid and types may be added or be subsumed into still other types. For this reason we have grouped the types into nine areas to assist you in searching. The areas are:

Country Economic and Sector Work
Report types in this grouping tend to focus on sectoral or macroeconomic issues.

Project Appraisal
These are the document types produced during appraisal, implementation and supervision of projects. See also project cycle in order to see what documents are released to the public during the different phases.

Project Evaluation
Contains the document types related to the evaluation of completed projects or programs.

Public Affairs
Information reports or newsletters about Bank activities.

A broad category containing reports and papers published by the Bank on a wide range of subjects related to development.

Non-Lending Project
Reports prepared under the ESMAP program (Energy Sector Management Assistance Program)

Investment Promotion
Reports prepared under the FIAS (Foreign Investment Advisory Service) occasional paper series.

Reports containing sector specific vocabulary.

WBI Formal Publications
Reports produced by the World Bank Institute (formerly Economic Development Institute) as educational materials on a variety of subjects.

Report Date
The publishing date as indicated in or on the report

The author or authors of the report. Many reports of the Bank are considered to be authored by the Bank and are not credited to individuals.

Document Title
Title as indicated on or in the report.

Incorporates a few numerical fields used to describe some reports.

This number may be numerical or alpha numerical and is unique.

Loan / Credit / Trust Fund
Unique loan, credit or trust fund number assigned to most projects. A project may be associated with more than one loan or credit..

A unique project identification which is assigned to every project to assist in tracking it through the Bank's information systems. An example would be P001354. Searching on Project-ID will retrieve a results set of all documents related to that project.

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